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About us

Ackhill Baptist Church was born out of the 1904 Welsh revival. Over the years it has been known as a Bible loving, Gospel preaching church, situated at the head of a beautiful valley with the River Lugg running by.  Over the years as farming practices became more mechanised, and the need for agricultural workers dropped, the population began to decrease as people relocated to the cities.  Today the nearby town of Presteigne is growing with new homes being built and families moving to the area.  









However the church has maintained its witness and is still considered to be the place where you will always hear the Word of God explained and applied.


The "Tin Tabernacle" was built in 1905 and became the Ackhill School Room when the building of the attractive red brick chapel began in 1930.  The adjacent Ackhill Manse was erected in 1911.









Between the years of 2011-14, under the leadership of Pastor John Thomas and his wife Anne, extensive renovations were undertaken to the Schoolroom and the Manse.  More recently we updated our chapels interior, making it more comfortable for the years ahead. Today Ackhill Baptist Church enjoys good facilities in beautiful surrounds and is beginning to experience growth under the Lord's blessing.

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